Collaboration opportunities within the project

HITRIplus provides opportunities for postgraduate university students, postdocs, researchers from academia and industry, oncologists, and researchers who are close to but who are not necessarily involved in heavy ion therapy, to spend a few weeks at one of the European heavy ion therapy research infrastructures and hence gain hands-on experience.

These secondments (for employed researchers/practitioners) and internships (for students) will provide a first-class unique scientific opportunity to join the day-to-day work of research teams and participate in heavy ion therapy experiments and learn best practices. In addition, these secondments and internships will enable participants to eventually become facility users by helping them gain first-hand transdisciplinary knowledge on how these facilities can be used for their research. The participants will be selected through a merit-based equal opportunity (including gender equality) open call to the whole European community.

If you apply for one of these opportunities please fill in the “Internships/secondments” form and send your CV, it will be addressed to UM (Malta University)for application evaluation.

For more information about your personal data processing read our privacy policy page

HITRIplus partners could be searching for young or expert professionals to be selected to join their organizations and participate to the Project or to related activities.

If you are interested in these kind of opportunities, you can consult the “Job Opportunities” section and apply.