Take Part in HITRIplus’ Unique Expertise – Meet the Industry Relations Team at PTCOG in Singapore

10-15 June 2024


Are you curious about taking European Heavy Ion Therapy to the next level?

Meet the HTRIplus industry relations team at 62nd Annual PTCOG (Particle Therapy Cooperative Group) Conference in Singapore.

HITRIplus, a Horizon 2020 project will be present at booth #33 to present the project’s cutting-edge technologies for cancer treatments with ions. Cheaper and more compact than current alternatives, the project’s new generation of instruments could grant European companies an edge to address the potentially growing global ion therapy market.

Whether you are interested in being a supplier, co-developing or simply curious, this is your chance to forge closer links with the community behind the cutting-edge developments in HITRIplus and discuss the technologies’ path to industrialisation.