Scientific, technical and industrial research

Public scientific, technical and industrial research organization (EPIC). A major player in research, development and innovation.

The CEA is located in 9 centers throughout France. It develops numerous partnerships with other research organizations, local communities and universities. As such, the CEA is a stakeholder in national alliances coordinating French research in the fields of energy (ANCRE), life sciences and health (AVIESAN), digital sciences and technologies (ALLISTENE), environmental sciences (AllEnvi) and human and social sciences (ATHENA).

Recognized as an expert in its fields of expertise, the CEA is fully integrated into the European research area and has a growing presence at the international level. The CEA is the only French research organization to appear in the Clarivate 2020 classification and is the 1st research organization to file patents in Europe, according to the classification of the European Patent Office (EPO) 2019.

CEA centers