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The Clinical Center of Montenegro (CCM) is a health care institution encompassing a hospital with more than 750 beds, a medical scientific and research center, and a teaching base for clinical subjects at the Faculty of Medicine. Therefore, although they work together, some of the team members from Montenegro are employed by the University of Montenegro (UM) Faculty of Medicine, and some of by the Clinical Center of Montenegro

CCM as a health care institution: CCM is the only medical institution in Montenegro that provides health services at the tertiary level of health care. As a reference institution of the Montenegrin health care system, the CCM conducts consultative specialist and sub-specialist health services and diagnostic and treatment procedures, specialized laboratory diagnostics, and diagnosing of genetics and immune system disorders. For that reason, the entire population of Montenegro gravitates toward the CCM. This unique set up offers an excellent starting point for clinical and translational research, whose results could impact the entire population of one country.

CCM as a teaching base: The CCM serves as a teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine for nurses, medical students, 150 medical residents per year, medical subspecialty fellows and doctors during continuing medical education. As a reference institution for medical education the CCM employs 313 specialist and subspecialist medical doctors. In that group there are 51 staff members with the Ph.D. and 53 staff members with the Master of Medical Sciences degree. About 30 of them are also engaged with teaching at the Faculty of Medicine at the UM. Within its educational programs, CCM participates in the preparation of medical doctrines, protocols and guidelines for the prevention, early detection, treatment and rehabilitation of certain diseases, injuries and conditions in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Montenegrin Medical Board, the Faculty of Medicine and other professional bodies.

CCM as a scientific research institution: The research goals of the CCM are in line with the Strategy for Scientific Research Activities of Montenegro from 2017-2021, published by the Ministry of Science. The strategy supports all activities aimed to increase the participation of our research institutions in Horizon 2020 type of projects and to increase their collaboration with renowned international research institutions. This strategy defines the research on chronic diseases whose incidence has been showing tendency of growth as one of the main research priorities. Development of interdisciplinary approach is strongly encouraged.


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