CNAO (project coordinator)

Oncological hadrontherapy center

The National Center for Oncological Hadrotherapy is the only one in Italy capable of providing hadrontherapy treatments through the use of protons and carbon ions. Worldwide there are only 6 structures able to do this, one of these is the CNAO of Pavia, just half an hour from Milan.

Hadrontherapy is an advanced form of radiotherapy which, instead of using X-rays, uses protons and carbon ions. These particles are heavier and have more energy than electrons, making them even more effective in treating some cancers. Hadrontherapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of radioresistant tumors, those tumors that do not respond to traditional radiotherapy with X-rays or for inoperable tumors.

Among the other advantages of this therapy, which we remember to be recognized as a treatment available by the National Health System from 1 January 2014, the most important are:

  • the possibility of treating tumors in particularly difficult location;
  • the ability to act on the area to be treated with extreme precision, while preserving healty tissues.

In addition to dealing with hadrotherapy treatments, CNAO is also a Research and Development Center whose activities range from clinical research to radiobiological research, to translational research with the aim of providing continuous improvement in the fight against cancer.


    • Strada Campeggi 53, 27100 - Pavia

    • Tel: (+39) 0382.0781