Control system laboratory

Cosylab is the word’s leading provider of control systems for the planet’s most complex machines; nuclear accelerators, optical and radio telescopes, fusion reactors, cancer therapy systems and much more.

Cosylab’s team of over 220 world’s top engineers and scientist are constantly improving radiotherapy, pushing the cancer treatment further and bringing cutting-edge scientific research into real-life.

Cosylab has at least 20 experts in each of our core technologies, such as LabView, WinCC OA, EPICS, tango, PLC and FPGA. Cosylabs’s engineers and physicists understand the physical operation principles of highly complex devices and master software  and hardware engineering of large-scale distributed control systems at the same time.

Two decades of knowledge and over 250 successful projects makes Cosylab an indispensable partner for the most ambitious or time-sensitive scientific, medical and industrial endeavors.


    • Gerbičeva ulica 64 SI-1000 Ljubljana - Slovenia

    • +386 1 477 66 76

    • info@cosylab.com