University Clinic

The Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the largest and most renowned medical centers in Germany. Every year around 80,000 patients are treated in full and partial inpatients and more than 1,000,000 outpatients are cared for in its specialist clinics. Our patients come from the Rhine-Neckar region, Baden-Württemberg, other federal states and abroad

Heidelberg medicine has a tradition of over 600 years with big names that still have an effect today: In Heidelberg, doctors like Viktor von Weizsäcker and Alexander Mitscherlich laid the foundations for psychosomatic medicine, a treatment that takes both body and soul into account. Here, under Vincenz Czerny and Karl Heinrich Bauer, internationally renowned clinics and research facilities for combating cancer were established. Today, on a modern campus, hundreds of scientists in the clinics and laboratories of the research institutes pursue one common goal: the development of new forms of therapy and their rapid implementation for the patient.

The Medical Faculty Heidelberg (MFHD) enjoys an excellent reputation among researchers, teachers and students around the world. Heidelberg’s strength is demonstrated by its participation in numerous pioneering international research associations and the successful acquisition of third-party funding. The scientific focus is currently on the five main research areas of infectious diseases, cardiovascular research, neurosciences, translational and individualized oncology as well as transplantation and individualized immunotherapy. Digitization as well as bio and medical informatics are also gaining increasing importance in research and teaching. Information technology is developing rapidly – and medical IT solutions and comprehensive data exchange will help treat diseases more effectively in the future.

The clinic’s close research cooperation with renowned institutes inside and outside the university as well as with the German Cancer Research Center, the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory is probably unique in Germany. Located in the immediate vicinity in Neuenheimer Feld, the proximity of the institutes to one another enables lively cooperation and science on an international level.


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