Advancing Hadrontherapy: Insights and Innovations from the IAEA-CNAO Workshop

November 30, 2023

The hybrid event “Hadrontherapy: Status and Perspectives. Development of a Hadrontherapy Facility: Learning from the Existing,” which took place on October 11-12-13, 2023 at CNAO, was a significant and insightful gathering in the field of hadrontherapy. Organized in conjunction with IAEA-CNAO and HTRIplus under the Technical Cooperation project RER6039, this event was part of a larger initiative funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Under the direction of Ester Orlandi, Saverio Altieri, and Sotirios Charisopoulos, the event brought together a panel of nationally and internationally renowned speakers. It focused on expanding participants’ knowledge about the clinical indications and advantages of hadrontherapy from a global perspective. Additionally, the event aimed to provide comprehensive information on the managerial, technical, and clinical aspects of hadrontherapy facilities, while also improving understanding of the resources required, challenges faced, and the economic and social implications of hadrontherapy.

Over the course of three intense days, the event offered a rich program of sessions aiming to:

  • expanding participants’ knowledge about clinical indications and advantages of hadrontherapy in an international overview and perspectives;
  • informing participants on the managerial, technical and clinical aspects of a hadrontherapy facility;
  • improving understanding of resource requirements, challenges, and economic and social implications of hadrontherapy;
  • presenting status and perspectives of a new research clinical modality, BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy).

This event was not only a learning opportunity but also a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas among experts in the field, reinforcing the importance of hadrontherapy in contemporary cancer care and highlighting the advancements in this specialized area of medical treatment.

You can discover the programme of the event at the following link.

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