Charting the Future of Ion Beam Therapy: Prof. Mairani’s Vision of Modernized Treatment

November 30, 2023

Prof. Dr. Andrea Mairani from the Heidelberg Ion Beam Therapy Center, associated with the University Clinic Heidelberg and the German Cancer Research Center, delivered an insightful presentation on “Novel Approaches in Particle Therapy.” He discussed the advancement of ion beam therapy through innovative technology, highlighting the importance of Fast Monte Carlo calculations for precision in treatment modalities. Dr. Mairani explored helium ion therapy’s promising clinical applications, including improved dose distributions and reduced scattering effects. The presentation also covered the ARTEMIS program, which pioneers MR-guided Helium ion therapy for enhanced treatment efficacy.

Further, Prof. Mairani delved into Multi-Ion Therapy (MIT), a technique that combines multiple charged particles to optimize treatment outcomes. He touched upon the UNIVERSE framework, aimed at modeling radiation action for effect-modifiers, and the potential for FLASH Radiotherapy to revolutionize treatments with its rapid delivery. Despite the technological advancements, he noted that the clinical application of these novel approaches is advancing slowly, with a need for modernization in ion beam therapy to benefit several clinical indications. Prof. Mairani’s call to action was clear: support and facilitate the modernization of ion beam therapy for improved clinical results.

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