Engagement and Enlightenment at the School of Hadron Radiotherapy

May 14, 2024

The School of Hadron Radiotherapy in Trieste was a profound assembly for learning and exchange, with HITRIplus playing an integral role. The event, which concluded on April 12th, brought together luminaries from the medical and physics communities, encapsulating a range of topics from clinical overviews to the technical intricacies of hadron therapy.

A strong opening with welcome remarks from ICTP and SEEIIST set the tone for a week of intellectual richness. Noteworthy presentations included an introduction to HITRIplus project by Dr. Sandro Rossi (CNAO), a deep dive into the radiobiology of hadron therapy by Prof. Marco Durante (GSI) and innovative perspectives on pediatric applications by Dr. Francesca Colombo (CNAO). These sessions were not only informative but also emblematic of the multidisciplinary collaboration essential to advancing cancer treatment.

Interactive components such as the TPS exercises led by Gueorgui Kustov Gueorguiev from Linköping University and discussions on radiation protection showcased by Prof. Michele Ferrarini from CNAO, intensified the learning experience. The event’s success was marked by its inclusion of a diverse array of expertise, punctuated by a warm welcome reception, symbolizing the communal spirit of the gathering.

HITRIplus contribution emphasized the synergy between cutting-edge research and practical application, a testament to its commitment to advancing hadron radiotherapy. The event was a milestone, furthering the dialogue and development in the field, with a strong sense of community at its heart.

For a comprehensive overview of the program and further details, please visit School of Hadron Radiotherapy Program. Join the conversation with #HadronSchool2024 #HITRIplus #RadiotherapyInnovation.

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