HITRIplus at PTCOG 62: Unveiling Future Cancer Treatment Technologies

May 14, 2024

At the upcoming 62nd Annual PTCOG Conference in Singapore, taking place from June 10-15, 2024, HITRIplus is set to make a substantial impact. Find us at booth #33, where our industry relations team will demonstrate revolutionary cancer treatment technologies harnessing the power of ions. These advancements represent a leap forward in making treatments not only more affordable but also more accessible, through innovations that are more compact compared to existing methods.

The event is a unique platform for stakeholders across the globe to explore the latest in ion therapy, a field poised for growth. European companies, in particular, stand to benefit from the introduction of these new-generation instruments, potentially capturing a larger share of the burgeoning global #iontherapy market.

Attendees looking for collaboration, supply opportunities, or simply to satisfy their curiosity are welcome to discuss the future of these technologies and their journey towards #industrialization. Join the conversation and connect with the minds leading HITRIplus towards a transformative future in medical technology.

Learn more about the event and plan your visit: PTCOG 62 Conference. Follow the event with #PTCOG62 #HITRIplusTech #CancerTechFuture.

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