HITRIplus Seminars

June 20, 2023

One important component of the HITRIplus project is the organization of specialised seminars that are overseen by the project’s Networking Pillar Coordinator, Manjit Dosanjh.
Discover all the seminars organized so far on the HITRIplus web page and Youtube channel.

These seminars, organised online, bring together experts from various disciplines of the multidisciplinary field of heavy ion therapy. They provide a valuable platform for professionals in the field offering insights, emphasizing interdisciplinary research and the benefits of collaborative work, and showcasing the latest advancements in heavy ion therapy to enhance effectiveness and global accessibility.

The last one was held on 7 June 2023 by Maurizio Vretenar. In the seminar, Maurizio Vretenar discussed various advancements in the field of cancer tumour treatment with ion beams. He discussed various accelerator technologies, including superconductivity and a new accelerator design. He detailed the concept of Flash Therapy, a promising upcoming method of radiation therapy that delivers high doses of radiation in extremely short bursts. This method is currently being researched and developed by various institutions and companies. He also discussed the potential use of radioisotopes in cancer treatment focusing on targeted alpha therapy. He then introduced the proposed facility by the South-East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies as a potential “next-generation facility” where the developed technologies could be implemented. Concluding the seminar, Vretenar emphasized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders and the potential role of artificial intelligence in advancing ion therapy.

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