Report on PTMC Events

May 14, 2024

The Particle Therapy Masterclass (PTMC) for teachers in Sofia and the International PTMC have been instrumental in advancing the educational framework within particle therapy, carving out a significant impact on global collaboration and research in this specialized field.

In Sofia, the PTMC united efforts with esteemed organizations like GSI, CERN, CNAO, and DKFZ. A core focus was on the matRad Treatment Planning software, providing participants—a blend of Bulgarian teachers and IPPOG representatives—with a hands-on experience of treatment planning across photons, protons, and carbon ions. Lectures were complemented by practical training, empowering educators with the tools to effectively convey complex concepts in particle therapy.

Internationally, the PTMC spanned 9 days, linking 37 institutes from 20 different countries. This extensive reach facilitated a training ground for over 50 tutors and reached beyond 1,500 students, marking the event’s profound educational influence. The involvement of prestigious institutions like the Mayo Clinic Florida underscored the significant virtual footprint of the PTMC.

The success of these events is a testament to the collective efforts of many HITRIplus members, demonstrating the initiative’s commitment to education in the field. As PTMC forges ahead into 2024, the “train-the-trainer” model integral to WP5 is expected to yield even greater global educational engagement. Through this approach, a cascade of knowledge dissemination will continue, enhancing the quality and reach of particle therapy education worldwide.

With the 2024 PTMC already showcasing an expansion in horizon and scope—fostering inclusivity with special events for Women in Science—there is anticipation for the continued growth of this educational endeavour. Acknowledgements are due for the numerous contributions across the network, from local organizers to international collaborators, who together are shaping a dynamic future for scientific education and particle therapy innovation.

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