Time to attend at ICRI 2022 Side Event

October 13, 2022

Registration is open for the ICRI 2022 Side Event, the International Conference on Research Infrastructure, scheduled for October 19.

The first session, “Long-term sustainability of small & mid-scale distributed Research Infrastructure projects“, will feature short presentations from participating Research Infrastructure projects highlighting their approaches to sustainability. HITRIplus will be represented by Angelica Facoetti.

More than 100 Research Infrastructure projects in all fields of science have been or are currently funded by the European Commission INFRAIA scheme, either as “starting” or “advanced” communities. ICRI 2022 proposes to showcase different avenues for addressing the sustainability of these Research Infrastructure projects and their services. In addition, more mature and consolidated Research Infrastructures will be invited to exchange experiences in a co-creation session in a mutual learning process. The outcomes of this event will support and guide Research Infrastructure projects from various fields when exploring potential sustainability alternatives.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore sustainability prospects!
APPLY NOW: https://icri2022.gcon.me/registration/3-registration-to-attend-the-side-events-of-icri-2022
ABOUT ICRI 2022: https://www.icri2022.cz/

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